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CBE Seminar Equips Educational Leaders with Crisis Communication Strategies

MANGALORE, April 30 – The Catholic Board of Education (CBE) of the Diocese of Mangalore convened a crucial seminar aimed at enhancing the proficiency of institution heads affiliated with the board. Focused on the theme “Public Relations and Crisis Management Communication,” the event drew participation from approximately 110 heads of institutions.

Led by Reverend Dr Sudeep Paul MSFS, Director of the Sandesha Institute in Mangalore, the seminar provided invaluable insights into crisis management strategies. The program commenced with a warm introduction by Rev. Fr Praveen Leo Lasrado, the designate secretary of the CBE. Reverend Dr Sudeep, in his capacity as the resource person, underscored the distinction between crises and conflicts, stressing the imperative of adeptly addressing unforeseen crises.

Throughout the session, emphasis was laid on the cultivation of soft skills in public relations, alongside guidance on crafting effective press releases. Practical exercises further enriched participants’ understanding of crisis management techniques.

The seminar served as a platform for Catholic educational leaders to sharpen their crisis communication competencies, ensuring a more resilient and responsive educational ecosystem.