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The Minutes of the Meeting

On 28th February 2024, a meeting of the Heads of the institutions under the Catholic Board of Education, of the Diocese of Mangalore was held at Shanti Kiran Hall, Bajjodi at 10:30 AM. About 117 members were present for the meeting. The meeting began with a prayer song sung by Mrs Irene Sequeira. Thereafter the secretary of the CBE Rev. Fr Antony Shera welcomed the gathering and briefed the congregation about the purpose of the meeting.
Then he introduced to them the new ‘Hand Book’ of the rules and regulations to be followed in the institutions and requested them to make the staff members to go through the same. He also highlighted some of the important points from the hand book. During the meeting a ‘handout’ was given to demonstrate the correct way of maintaining the ‘Service Record’. In the question answer session, the doubts raised by the participants were clarified. Then the secretary thanked all the members. The designate secretary Rev. Fr Praveen Leo Lasrado was present for the meeting. The meeting concluded at 12:15 PM with lunch.